Welcome to the Family


  • Leader of our boys club
  • Husband to a passionate woman
  • Friend to all animals
  • Cultivator of day dreams
  • Steward of positive thoughts
  • Seeker of a quiet sustainable life


  • Mother of two beloved humans
  • Wife to a most patient and industrious man
  • Caretaker of herbaceous life
  • Maker of ambrosials and folk medicines
  • Fixer of muscles and mistakes
  • Deep admirer of forests and day to day magic


  • Older brother
  • Dad to a most scrumptious doggo
  • Artist of many types and talents
  • Producer of music and ringlets
  • Free spirit from birth
  • Trail blazer always


  • Little brother of the silliest kind
  • Helper of the homestead
  • Curator of jokes and puns
  • Lover of books, characters and all things miniature
  • Gentlest and oldest of souls
  • Softest of hearts

Living a Natural Life

For us, homesteading is a means for living a deliberate and connected lifestyle, focused on reducing toxic load, environmental stewardship, reducing consumption, and seeking natural alternatives to many conventionalities. It means paying attention to the synchronicities of life and recognizing how we all, plants and animals alike, require one another for balance and health. It means regularly asking ourselves how well we are nurturing that connection. Tuning in to the natural world means learning to be in charge, on a deep and intimate level, of what goes into your body, the land, the waters, the air. It means recognizing how some of the "moving forward" we've done in this world has actually set us back. It means honouring our ancestors, recognizing their hard work, and keeping their spirits alive through some of our day-to-day or even seasonal practices.

For us, living naturally means recognizing our privilege to choose our lifestyles and to have access to resources. It means respecting the responsibility of that privilege, the responsibility to our bodies, and to our Earth. It means being present, thoughtful and sometimes doing the hard things that take longer or that go against the grain. Living this way means feeling confident that at the end of the day we will have given our best, done the least amount of harm, and that hopefully the only impact we leave behind is a positive one.

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